Social Intranet Provider Incentive Featured in 451 Research’s “Social Intranets and the Supply Chain” Report

New report follows the evolution of traditional intranets to the next-generation social intranet changing workplace collaboration


LOS ANGELES – November 10, 2015 – Incentive, a leading provider of a complete social intranet for mid-market organizations and enterprise teams, today announced its inclusion in a new report by industry research firm 451 Research, “Social Intranets and the Supply Chain.”  The report discusses the evolution of intranets through the years and multiple vendor types available.


451 Research notes traditional intranets have been around for 15 years, but are now reaching a point where newer technologies are providing added value to organizations looking to increase productivity and enhance corporate communications. These technologies are driving organizations to adopt next-generation social intranets. According to 451 Research’s recent survey of IT buyers, 44 percent of respondents already have social elements to their intranet and 28 percent hope to follow suit in the next two years.


“Rather than feature-focused solutions, the business applications market is slowly but surely moving toward fully integrated solutions that encompass all the tools workers need to collaborate,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, research director for business applications at 451 Research and author of the report. “With many organizations looking to replace or upgrade their outdated intranets, a modern approach with features that support collaboration, communication and remote workforces will be most attractive. Ultimately, a social intranet needs to tie itself directly to measurable business process activities.”


Incentive is providing one such technology, a social intranet that combines all the features teams need to be more efficient, capture individual and collective knowledge and collaborate within a single, secure platform. All content – whether a wiki, blog, document, instant message or video conversation – is centralized, making it accessible by every employee through a simple, intelligent search. With everything in one central location, employees save time spent switching between multiple browser tabs and platforms to improve productivity.


“This report is further proof of the strides the social collaboration space has seen in recent years,” said Rickard Hansson, CEO and founder of Incentive. “At Incentive, we strive to provide businesses all the tools they need to work from anywhere, at any time and on any device. As technologies change the workplace, we’re committed to offering a disruptive approach to traditional methods of working together.”


Pelz-Sharpe’s primary area of focus at 451 Research is on the emergence of next-generation collaborative business applications that leverage the power of the crowd and cloud. 451 Research is a preeminent information technology research and advisory company. With a core focus on technology innovation and market disruption, it provides essential insight for leaders of the digital economy. More than 100 analysts and consultants deliver that insight via syndicated research, advisory services and live events to more than 1,000 client organizations in North America, Europe and around the world.


Pelz-Sharpe and Hansson recently partnered for a webinar titled “Top 10 Tips to Improve Social Intranet Adoption,” where Pelz-Sharpe shared his top 10 tips for gaining adoption and increasing the daily use and business value of a social intranet. View the on-demand webinar here and accompanying infographic here.  


To download a report excerpt, visit



About Incentive

Incentive is a leading provider of a complete social intranet for mid-market organizations and enterprise teams that want to achieve improved profitability, increased efficiency and accelerated business results. With an easy-to-use interface, Incentive’s platform enables businesses to capture, collaborate and secure knowledge all in one place by tapping the power of their employees – the collective brain trust – to be better, stronger and faster than their competitors. Incentive enables users to take advantage of existing workflow apps, storage systems, and document management tools such as SharePoint in one central location, with single sign on and intelligent search. Its features include wikis, blogs, micro blogging, document collaboration, file sharing, instant messaging, video conversations, social behavior UX and API-based platform for app development. Founded in 2008, Incentive has helped thousands of customers worldwide accelerate positive business outcomes through improved collaboration and communication. The company has headquarters in Los Angeles and Malmo, Sweden. For more information visit and follow on Twitter @IncentiveInc.

CHROME UNDERGROUND, a new Discovery Channel series, follows two Austin car hunters

CHROME UNDERGROUND Premieres Friday, May 23, at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel


(Silver Spring, MD) -- Yusuf and Antonio are not your typical car hunters.  They work in places no other car collector would dream about stepping foot – traveling inside lawless countries in search of rare, vintage cars.  The payoff can be huge but so are the risks.  Can the guys actually make their high stakes gamble work?  And get out with their lives?  CHROME UNDERGROUND, a new Discovery Channel series, premieres Friday, May 23, at 10 PM ET/PT.

At one time, Yusuf and Antonio’s Austin, Texas-based company, Motoreum, sourced one-of-a-kind cars inside the US.  But today valuable cars are extremely difficult to find in the United States - competition is fierce between hunters fighting for a slice of this $8 billion dollar a year industry. So Antonio and Yusuf came up with a plan: head abroad to places that other car dealers were too afraid to visit and seek out high-value ‘diamond in the rough’ autos that could earn them five or six figure profits every sale.

To stay safe, the guys hire Andrew who has experience in covert operations. He helps them hunt down, secure and smuggle the vehicles back to the safety of the US.   But Andrew certainly has his work cut out for him.  The guys are not only a major target for thieves because they carry loads of cash but they are pulling off their dangerous deals in countries they’ve never been to before. 


Andrew’s experience helps the guys come up with smart solutions to get the high-value vehicles home without criminals stealing them.  No plan is too crazy - whether it’s camouflaging a 1957 Porsche Speedster in a horse trailer or hiding a 1963 VW Kombi in a shipping crate.  But that’s just the beginning.  Most of these vehicles haven’t been driven for decades and the chance of them breaking down in dangerous gang controlled areas is incredibly high.

In the first episode, Yusuf and Antonio travel deep into Mexico City's toughest neighborhood in search of a rare 1937 Type 57 Bugatti worth millions, but when the deal goes south, they are forced to trust Andrew to get them back to America in one piece.  But, just like most missions, not everything works out exactly the way Andrew plans, putting all of their lives on the line.

Each week, viewers will follow the guys as they search for vehicles in some of the world’s most deadly places – with their hunt will putting them up against everyone from the cartels of Argentina to the favela gangs of Brazil.  Only one thing is certain: there’s no such thing as an easy day on this job.


CHROME UNDERGROUND is produced for Discovery Channel by Twofour America.  Executive Producers at Twofour America are Seth Goolnik, Melanie Leach and Grady Candler.

nextSociety, The Network Smarter App, Unlocks the Full Potential of Social Networks

NEW YORK - May 6, 2014 - nextSociety (xS), the network smarter app that makes meaningful networking opportunities happen for professionals, today officially launched its xS app for iOS on the App Store.


xS helps professionals and entrepreneurs quickly identify the most relevant connections in their network, based on their professional interests and business specialties. By filtering connections based on relevance, xS allows users to categorize, organize and focus on staying connected with key contacts.


“With so many contacts across multiple social networks it’s difficult to cut through the clutter and make sure we’re connecting with the people that can make the biggest difference to us,” said Peter Stebe, CEO of nextSociety. “We created xS to help professionals never miss an opportunity to connect with their most relevant contacts in every situation.”

With professionals in mind, the app is based on LinkedIn to initially focus on business connections. It's designed to maximize “same place, same time, same interest” opportunities within existing networks.

xS notifies users about relevant contacts before they travel so they can book meetings in advance in cities they are visiting. This feature differentiates xS from GPS-based networking apps by allowing professionals to "network smarter" by planning strategically before a business trip.

The app’s value was demonstrated in an early prototype version when co-founder Alexander Tange used xS to reconnect with a friend while traveling to London. This contact later became the lead investor in xS. “I would have missed this opportunity without this connection feature,” said Tange.

“nextSociety makes you more effective and efficient while networking, “added Stebe. “It’s a smart, next generation, user friendly, time saving professional networking app that helps you make the most of your contacts.”

Future features will include networking opportunities based on relevant events, jobs, news and Twitter posts as well as the ability to filter 2nd level contacts cross-platform by relevance.

xS is currently available for iOS while an Android version will be released by yearend . Facebook and Twitter integration will be added in the near future.

For more information visit or download the app for free in the Apple App Store.

A sad good-bye to Snoball

Yesterday I turned in my laptop and said good-bye to Snoball. It was my last day as their digital strategist. Now if you are looking for me to be resentful of the team or the management, you have come to the wrong place. In fact I have nothing but great things to say about them. The group at Snoball is top notch. The reasons I joined the company still stand. They are committed to serving the greater good, the people that work there are crazy smart, and their intellectual property portfolio is huge. I care so much for each and everyone of my coworkers, and will miss them dearly.

You might want to know why I am no longer with Snoball. The truth is that it was out of my hands and out of theirs.They had to cut a few salaries to achieve some very exciting and aggressive goals. I fully support this decision and can't wait when all the hard work that's been going on behind the scenes becomes public. I am now looking for my next opportunity. If you don't know what I did at Snoball as digital strategist you can check out my profile on LinkedIn for a more complete description.

Here is what I am looking for in my next role, in order of preference:

  • High Touch - I want to speak and talk with people that care and support the company I work for. I want to listen to their needs and concerns and take that up the chain of command to create a better experience.
  • Customer Service - My new home must love the users of the product or service that is offered by the company. The happiness of these users must be paramount.
  • Social Media - I love social media and I don't want to lose that. I want to be involved and I want to contribute and be a valued member of the team.

For all those that read this, I thank you for your time, concern, help and support. I have included some quotes and reactions to the news of my departure below. They really helped to improve my mood:

I look forward to hearing of your next adventure!

I know your next adventure will be an excellent one.

You're so connected I'm sure you will find something soon.


I am now off to discover my next endeavor. Wish me happy hunting!


Veteran SXSWi attendees weigh in: What I wish I had known the first time – Bazaarvoice Blog

Welcome to SXSWi

SXSW Interactive is hard to pin down. In one sense, it’s like a buttoned-up Burning Man for the tech industry. In another, it’s a place to do business, to learn, to meet living legends and befriend total strangers. SXSWi is what you make of it. To help first-timers make the most of their experience, we asked a handful of conference veterans to weigh in on a simple question:

What do you wish you had known the first time you attended SXSWi?

Joe Fernandez, CEO and Cofounder, Klout:


“It's a marathon; don't destroy yourself on the first night.  If you just watch 4sq and Twitter you'll think every party is better than the one you are at. It's easy to spend all night chasing where the fun might be and end up spending your whole evening tracking back and forth across the city instead of having a good time. ”

Susan Beebe, Global Communications / PR – Corporate Social Media Management, Dell:


“Be flexible, ready to move at a moment’s notice; don't lock in your schedule as you will find good conversations and learning opportunities abound if you move with the flow. Always have a plan B for your daily schedule. The must-see panel may turn out to be a dud; leave that one and go to your plan B activity – be agile!”

Lisa Pearson, VP Global Marketing, Bazaarvoice:


“Follow it all on Twitter, but don't let twitter dictate your experience.  It's easy to get distracted and think you're not in the 'right' place—that there's something cooler going on elsewhere. Social enhances FOMO.  Bring your own snacks. Healthier and cheaper. Try to listen to discussions. It’s easy to get distracted, so really listen to at least one session each day. Bring a buddy to parties. It’s hard to network at a crowded party alone. Allow time and energy for spontaneous conversations. They are the memorable ones. Watch this video: SXSW: Do it like a local


Greg T. Moss, Director Partner Ecosystem, Resource Interactive:

“Don't get overwhelmed with all of the sessions. Make a list of what you'd like to see, but don't be afraid to deviate. One of the best parts of SXSWi is the networking that happens in hallways, food trucks and outside on the streets. Make yourself available and don't hesitate to introduce yourself to others. Chances are, you're bound to have at least 5 things in common.”

Robert Gilbreath, e-Commerce Exec,"

“Keep your gadgets out of your right hand so you can extend it to shake others' hands.”


Amy Hayes, Director of Communications, Bazaarvoice:

“Stagger the sessions you really want to attend so you have plenty of travel time in between as well as good seating choices. Attending back-to-back sessions is a painful & frustrating way to participate in the conference.  Bring mobile broadband because Wi-Fi can be spotty throughout the conference. Pedicabs are a ripoff.”

Wesley Faulkner, Digital Strategist, Snoball:

“I can tell you one thing I didn't know, that actually helped me. I didn't know how powerful and influential the people were that I was meeting. If I did I would have been so nervous. Seriously, the one thing I wish I knew: parties are where you make lifelong friends. People's memories tie shared events together in ways that is not always clear. When I meet someone at a party, and they have a blast, that feeling is subconsciously stored together in their mind. When they think of me, they think fun. I like that.”

Jon Loyens, Vice President Engineering for Products, Bazaarvoice:

“Don't expect any particular panel or talk to go really deep.  SXSW is a very broad conference and so a lot of talks tend to the beginner side of things.  Therefore, don't go to talks on topics you already know a lot about.  Use it to expand your horizons and get inspired for the remainder of the year.  Are you a coder?  Go to a design panel or a panel on social change.  Are you a social media junkie?  Go to a panel on film production.  Definitely go to the panels and talks hosted by big speakers like Clay Shirky or Mark Cuban.”

Shama Kabani, CEO, The Marketing Zen Group:

“Don't try to do it all. Keep room for "spontaneous" events.”

Mike Svatek, Chief Strategy Officer, Bazaarvoice:

“Open your mind and get inspired.   You will learn a lot from people and companies who are in completely different markets.”

Matt Marx, Director of Media Products, Bazaarvoice:

“Start every day with a full charge, you'll need it! Don't be too aggressive scheduling back-to-back sessions in different locations. It's inevitable you'll end up stuck at that far-away venue too long to make it back for the session you've waited on all day. Skip a session if need be and make sure you know which handful of sessions are musts!”

Mack Collier, social media strategist and speaker:

“My advice is to decide what your business goals are from the trip, and then think about who you need to connect with while you will be in town.  The first two times I went to SXSW in 2008 and 2009, I didn't do this at all, and as a result I spent a few days in Austin each time on a very expensive vacation.  I had a ton of fun, but when I got back home I realized I had spent a lot on socializing.  That's why I didn't go in 2010.  Last year, I went back but had a specific business strategy for going, and set up several meetings with people while I was in town.  In fact I even made a business deal during my CONNECTING flight into Austin!  Last year was a huge success for me because I planned out my time in Austin to make sure that I got business value as well as time to socialize and catch up with friends.”

Did you get all that? Three common themes shine through.

1. You can’t do it all, and will only turn into a FOMO-suffering nervous wreck if you try.

2. Seek out new people, ideas and experiences.

3. Be flexible.